I’ve never started a restaurant before. I’m sure it’s a nerve racking experience in every aspect, especially when it comes to naming your restaurant. I’m sure the proprietors of Eat@Thai were constantly answering endless e-mails, and then they were like ‘Fuck it, let’s just name our restaurant after an e-mail address.” And thus it was born:


The decor is pretty nice, with lots of fake golden animals and Asian-y Pier 1 Imports stuff strewn about.


Pictured: Mural depicting rural Thailand. Androgynous server boy jotting down the orders. 

Once seated inside the place, one is confronted by place mats for each person at the table. They have vaguely homeopathic inscriptions for various plants:


Tan Sang the Wind. Aka Gasshole. 


“Fever heat in the trunk, to the fresh beat.” Sounds less like a recipe and more like a good time:


I always have a hard time choosing what I want to eat at Thai restaurants. Everything sounds good, and every item basically sounds the same aside from the type of protein and sauce you’re getting. No matter what you order, essentially you’re getting a shit load of spices, some veggies, some kind of starch, and some kind of protein. But still, it’s fun to peek at the menu:



What also makes a selection particularly confounding is that the Chef recommends basically everything on the menu:


Chef is a fan of Facebook also.

When the server boy came around to take my order I just picked at random and chose the Red Curry with Chicken, and some Crab Rangoon for a lil’ appeteaser.


Crab Rangoon. 

Never having had the Rangoons before, I didn’t know what to expect. I just got them because they sounded like something that would fight Godzilla. But they were a pleasant surprise, with crab and cream cheese gushing into my mouth with the crispy outside providing a delicate counterpoint.


Red curry was nice and thick, with pleasant undertones of lime and cilantro. I’m usually pretty pumped on any curry I get though, unless it’s super watery and bland.


This side of rice kind of gives me a chub. 

Here’s a picture I got from Yelp:


Might as well just shit in the trash can. 

Well, that’s it for today’s post. Stay radical, like this ol’ rascal:



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