Thanksgiving is a time of ultimate feasting, and that I did. In fact, so much so that the day after I fell into feasting relapse. My soul, nay, my cosmic being threatened to swallow up all that existed in an effort to satiate my desires.


So I pulled the fuck over and stopped here:

l (1)

Real Tacoz baby. None of those artificial taco-substitute chemicalz. 

Apparently most of their business at this establishment is derived from fat people going through the drive-thru. So my walking up to the order window felt pretty weird. I think I caught them off guard a little bit.


The ‘bean and cheese’ Thursday sign has some choice photography.


If you are a mom and pop restaurant it’s sort of an unspoken rule that you have to have cheap signs with the worst photos of your food possible. You really have to try and drive as many potential customers as possible away to Denny’s/Burger King/Taco Bell, where they at least have hydrogenated glistening corn solids that sparkle and dazzle.

But do you know what Big Fast Food Industry doesn’t have? Z’s:


Bowlz. The chef will smoke you out for $5.25-$5.45.

They also have cool soda signs:



Not so tough are you now Thirst?

I ordered a Chicken Burrito and a tamarindo Jarritos. Perfect combo for a hot day in the sun.


The guy behind the window asked me what kind of salsa I wanted. He said there is the green one, which is milder, and the super hot habanero one. I told him I wanted habanero. He looked at me with bewilderment and told me “But it’s very spicy….” I like to refer to this as the White Man’s Challenge. The White Man’s Challenge goes thusly:

1. You order the hottest shit they have.

2.They, seeing that you are white, think you are a wimp for heat, and challenge you.

3. If you can insist 3 times that you want the spicy stuff, they will give it to you.

So, after 3 insistences he gave me the salsa, but he also gave me one mild one ‘just in case’. I was a little humiliated.


Once I peeled back the tortilla foreskin, the above image is what resulted. It was basically just chicken, cilantro, and onions. In other words, a big ass taco in burrito form. It was refreshing to have a burrito in such a restrained state, as living in the Bay Area has grown me accustomed to shitloads of guac and sour creams and all that. The habanero salsa was pretty hot, but my only complaint was that it was rather bland for a habanero salsa. Usually they have fruity undertones to them that I really enjoy. This was just pepper flavored water.

When I got home I looked at their Yelp and realized that I totally fucked up because I didn’t get the breakfast burrito:


This picture gets my dork throbbing. 

Some people don’t enjoy the simplicity of the burrito such as I enjoyed, and express their views on the internet:


Holy smokes, I never thought I’d read a review where they threaten legal action. But I read another of this Yelp Reviewer’s Reviews, and it was equally awesome:


Accusing people of ass-picking AND racism? That sets the bar pretty high.


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