Some people enjoy eating their food while sitting in the gutter, some people just like to get their goo on the go. Regardless of the reason, everyone loves food trucks!


Long lines, lots of white people, what’s not to love? 


These cool horses know that food trucks and sipping booze through a straw is fucking cool. 

In order for this blog to be relevant to today’s constantly changing food landscape, I decided to check out a food truck too. Needless to say, I had to clear a path through all the hipsters:



I don’t even think this food truck has a name, but that’s probably just because they keep shit on the DL. Locals only.


They have a great selection of pre-packaged goods, including, but not limited to Famous Anus cookies, everything made by Bimbo, and Corn Nuts. Or you could order something hot and fresh from the extensive menu:


They’ve got your breakfast burritos, your wonton soup, your fish sandwiches, your cheeseburgers, it’s truly a one-stop shopping experience. Without a doubt you will surely be enjoying a triumphant feast. Not feeling any of the menu items? They’ve got hot-n-ready snacks pre-made for you also! Check out the killer line up:


Corn dogs, battered shrimp, spring rolls, taquitos, etc….

IMG_20141110_074645 (1)

Behold, the plainest hot dog known to man.  

Seeing as how today was a Monday and I was recovering from beverage consumption symptoms, I decided to optimize my time at work in the restroom, and thus my time at work not working. The best bet for maximum ass squirting seemed like the breakfast burrito, so I ordered that.


This chick would totally blow you for a piece of your shit.

I short little hop and a skip down to the office and I unveiled my meal.


The saran wrap betrayed its Asian lineage, as we all know Mexican chefs would never wrap a burrito with saran wrap. This just made me all the more intrigued as to its juicy contents.


It had sausage, exquisitely melted white cheese, probably jack, tons of eggs, and crispy browned potatoes. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised at how much flavor goo was squirting into my mouth. As I orally perused my way down the burrito, I found some ham and bacon too:


It’s always nice when burritos are kinda layered so that you find little surprises along the way. Definitely enough stuff in this burrito to keep me from possibly having a productive day at work.

Squirtin’ for a fucking living. 

So there’s your little dose of what’s going on in the ever-changing exciting world of food trucking. Hope you enjoyed it.



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